I’ve read about Vesta House Publishing’s publishing options.
I am very interested! Now what do I need to do to submit my novel?

1. Prepare your manuscript for submission:

If you have a novel ready to publish, Vesta House Publishing would love to review your submission. By ready to publish, we mean novels that have gone through an extensive editing process. If you feel you need to hire a professional editor, Vesta House Publishing can help you find a good fit. Just contact us and we will be happy to refer you to one of our affiliates.

When we receive your manuscript, we will review your story for content and overall story elements: plot, characterization, etc., but we do not do line editing. If we can tell right off that your book will need an extensive overhaul, we will return it without reviewing it and will let you know that you are welcome to resubmit it once an extensive edit has been made. Once we have reviewed your manuscript, you will receive either an acceptance with an offer to publish or we will let you know why we are unable to offer you a publishing contract.

All submissions should be in .doc or .odt formats. We have no specific fonts or font sizes that must be used, nor do we care if your manuscript is double or single-spaced.

Also, although not required, if you have a cover you have already designed, submit it as a separate file and we will review it along with your manuscript. It should be at least 300 dpi and ebook covers should be approximately 600 x 800 pixels, so keep that in mind. But don’t stress if you don’t have a cover designed, that is totally fine. Vesta House Publishing will discuss cover ideas with you after reviewing and accepting your manuscript and after you choose your desired publishing options.

2. Prepare an author query letter:

This query letter should be a separate document from your manuscript.

It should include the following:

  • Personal information: full name, name to be used on your book, age, phone number, home address, email address, and web address (if applicable).
  • Selected publishing option preferences: traditional, royalty-based (Vesta House Publishing retains your book’s digital rights); non-traditional, fee-based (you retain 100% of your book’s digital rights); fee-based print version of your book (you retain 100% of your book’s print rights).
  • Manuscript title
  • Manuscript genre/category (it’s OK if it fits into several categories—list them all!)
  • Manuscript “Word Count” (use the word count function in Word)
  • A summary of your book (think like a book reviewer—short and to the point). If your book is part of a planned series, please include a summary of the proposed story arcs.
  • A brief biography (help us get to know who you are—include  education, awards, previous books, what might make you unique, etc.)
  • A brief explanation about  what inspired you to write the book and what your goals are concerning your book. Let us know what  expectations you have for publishing and marketing .

3. Submit your manuscript and query letter by attaching them separately to the same email.

Make sure the subject line for your email looks like the following:

SUBMISSION: author name, book title, genre (if it fits into more than one category, choose the 2 most prominent genres).

Here is an example:

SUBMISSION: Michael J. Roueche, Beyond the Wood, Historical Romance

Feel free to submit any cover ideas at this time as well (welcomed, but not necessary!).

Please email your documents to the following address:

 We have tried to make our publishing  process as uncomplicated as possible and provide options that will be the most helpful and lucrative to our authors. Vesta House Publishing accepts submissions for novels that are inspiring and uplifting or entertaining without offending. We are a “Haven to the Wholesome” and hope your novel will be at home in our house.

Feel free to Contact us with any questions or problems you may have in submitting your manuscript and query letter! We look forward to evaluating your book!