About Us

Vesta House Publishing is an innovative Independent Publishing company that offers traditional and non-traditional publishing options. We are primarily an ebook publishing company, but will gladly transform your manuscript into a professionally laid out hard copy version as well.

Why do we primarily publish as ebooks? Simply put: ebooks are the wave of the future!

Do you own an ereader? Does someone you know own one? Do several people you know own ereaders?

Most likely, your answer to at least one of these questions is “Yes!”

It has been reported that the number of ereader owners doubled from July 2011 to January 2012—in just 6 months!—and that number rises daily.  This means the number of ebooks purchased will grow exponentially. For our authors, that corresponds to more money!

Ebooks also receive higher royalties than their print counterparts, so even if an author sells the same number of print copies of a book, the financial returns are often much less than if he or she sells the same number of ebooks! And for our authors, that also corresponds to more money!

It’s nice to feel the print book in your hand, but it’s also pretty fantastic to see your book actually make you some money! At Vesta House Publishing, you can have both options if you want, but we have found that if you can only choose one format, our ebook options will be the most financially rewarding.

Authors have 2 options for ebook publishing with us:

1. Traditional no fee, royalty-based ebook publishing where Vesta House Publishing publishes your book into all of the major ebook formats and distributes it into all of the major ebook markets. Vesta House Publishing retains all digital rights to your book and pays you royalties on every book sold. At this time, Vesta House Publishing does not offer advances on royalties, but you will receive 50% of your net proceeds from every book you sell!

2. Fee-based ebook publishing where you choose which services you would like Vesta House Publishing to perform. With this option, you can have your book published and distributed into all of the major ebook formats and markets for as little as $299. The beauty of this option is that you, the author, retain 100% of the rights to your work which translates into 100% of the net proceeds on every book you sell!

If you want to see your book in print format:

To get your novel in print format we only offer fee-based print publishing for your book. Regardless of whichever ebook option you choose (or even if you opt out of publishing into ebook formats altogether), you can still choose to pay Vesta House Publishing to create a professional print layout and to help set you up with a Print on Demand service of your choice. If you desire, we would love to help make your hard copy version a reality. And regardless of the digital publishing option you choose, you will retain the files and 100% of your print rights and 100% of net proceeds!

We have tried to make our publishing process as uncomplicated as possible and provide options that will be the most helpful and lucrative to our authors. Vesta House Publishing accepts submissions for novels that are inspiring and uplifting or entertaining without offending. We are a “Haven to the Wholesome” and hope your novel will be at home in our house.

To get started on your journey to be a published author, visit our Submission page!