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How exciting would it be to have YOUR book expertly published into all of the major ebook formats and made available to major ebook markets?

How would it feel to have YOUR book available to millions of readers on their Kindles, tablets, and smartphones?

How would it feel to hold YOUR book, YOUR masterpiece, in your own hands?

New author, Michael J. Roueche knows how it feels! Michael J. Roueche has just realized his dream of becoming a published author and knows the thrill of seeing his hard work come to fruition. Vesta House Publishing recently published his debut novel, Beyond the Wood, the first book in the captivating Beyond the Wood Saga.

 Could YOUR book be next?

If you have an uplifting or inspiring novel or entertaining story free of offensive material, Vesta House Publishing would love to take a look at what you have and help you realize your dreams just as Michael J. Roueche has realized his.

Vesta House Publishing is a "Haven for the Wholesome!"

Who Gets Published at Vesta House Publishing?

 Vesta House Publishing loves to give authors a chance! We welcome first time authors and seasoned authors whose novels and novellas fit into our specific niche:

stories that are inspiring and uplifting or entertaining without offending

We publish authors who may not be picked up by the Big 6 publishing companies because our authors refuse to lower their standards. Our authors represent the elite among writers. Profanity, immorality, and explicit violence or gore have no place in our "home."

We accept fiction across all genres: Adventure, Contemporary, Children, Christian, Fantasy, Historical, Inspirational, Mystery, Romance, Science Fiction, Thriller, Western, Young Adult, etc.. And upon review we may accept non-fiction, but ONLY if it tells a story. We want our books to be entertaining!

Here at Vesta House Publishing, we are all about books taking us to new heights, strengthening our faith, solidifying our resolve, introducing us to new worlds and old ones, and simply, entertaining us without offending us. We believe that even a murder mystery can do just that as long as there is no explicit or gratuitous violence or gore and as long as good prevails over evil; we believe a romance novel can be uplifting and non-offending as long as the romance is sweet and wholesome.

At Vesta House Publishing, we love a good, clean story! We pride ourselves on being a "Haven for the Wholesome" and we look forward to publishing YOUR wholesome work of fiction!

Learn more About Us and your publishing options! Feel free to Contact us with any questions you might have.

How Does It Work?

1. You visit our About Us page to learn more about your publishing options. Feel free to Contact us with any questions you might have.

2. Choose a publishing model and follow the Submissions guidelines. If you would like to submit your work before choosing an option, let us know you would like to compare our offerings and we will look over your submission and make a recommendation based on what you send us.

3. Wait to hear back from us. We will send you an initial email letting you know we received your submission and the time frame for evaluating it.

4. Once your manuscript has been evaluated, we will notify you through email if it has been accepted.

5. If accepted, we will provide you with a copy of the contract to sign and return and then the fun begins! You will be on your way to becoming a published author!

Coming soon! Our Very Own Young Adult Imprint: Haven of Dreams Publishing

Do you remember the books that influenced you the most as a teenager?

Are some of the young adult novels you read still invoking warm memories?

At Vesta House Publishing we feel that young adult novels play a role in shaping the attitudes and actions of teenagers who read them. Good  books—wholesome, fun, entertaining stories—can prompt youth to dream big. These books can open up worlds beyond their own and help teens see what life has to offer. A good young adult book can help a young reader begin thinking about the kind of person he or she wants to become; a good young adult book can be inspiring and uplifting, entertaining without offending, and make a lasting impression on its reader.

Because we feel so strongly about the value of great young adult literature, Vesta House Publishing is pleased to announce the creation of our very own Young Adult Division: Haven of Dreams Publishing! Since we are primarily an ebook publishing company and since technology and teens go hand in hand, more and more young adults are receiving ebook readers, creating a huge market for young adult literature in the digital format. Of course, if you choose, print versions will also be published to help you take full advantage of our new young adult publishing imprint and get your book into the hands of your targeted readers! Until Haven of Dreams is up and running, Vesta House Publishing will still accept YA submissions!

Stay tuned for more information!